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Firefighters Rescue French Bulldog from Bathtime After Her Paw Gets Stuck in Sink



Quick Smiles:

  • Palm Beach County Fire Rescue came to the aid of a 6-month-old French bulldog named Cookie, whose paw was stuck in a kitchen sink drain during a bath.
  • Firefighters worked diligently to remove the drain with Cookie’s paw still inside, and a Special Operations Unit used tools to carefully cut out the metal surrounding the pet’s foot. The rescue operation took over an hour.
  • Cookie was taken to an animal hospital for further treatment post-rescue, highlighting the often unexpected scenarios our pets can find themselves in, and the dedicated efforts by rescuers to ensure their safety.

Bathtime turned into a tale of unexpected adventure for one French bulldog in Florida.

Cookie, the six-month-old Frenchie, found herself in quite the pickle while getting a bath at her home in West Palm Beach.

Noticing that her paw was firmly stuck in the kitchen sink drain, Cookie’s owners initially attempted to extricate their beloved pet.

But when their efforts proved futile, they decided to call the experts at Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

Describing their efforts in a Facebook post, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue revealed that the crew from Station 36 embarked on a delicate operation to remove the sink drain – paw still ensnared – in preparation for the more complex task of liberating Cookie’s paw.

The Special Operations Unit 34 came equipped with an arsenal of tools, including a wrench, to meticulously cut through the metal surrounding Cookie’s paw.


The series of photos posted on the fire department’s social media paints a vivid picture of the intense operation, complete with Cookie’s wide-eyed look as she anxiously watched her rescuers work.

Facebook/Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

In the final picture, Cookie can be seen snuggled up with one of her saviors, sporting a bandage on her freed paw.

After over an hour-long ordeal, Cookie was finally liberated from her unexpected entrapment.

Her relieved family then promptly took her to an animal hospital for further examination and treatment.

Facebook/Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

This experience was undoubtedly a stark reminder that “#PetsAreFamily,” and no effort is too much when it comes to ensuring their safety.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue aptly concluded their post with “#AllHazardsAllTheTime,” signifying their readiness to take on any rescue, no matter how unconventional.

Facebook/Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

This tale of Cookie’s adventure serves as a reminder that our canine companions, much like their feline counterparts, are also prone to finding themselves in peculiar predicaments.

But thanks to the dedication and skills of organizations like the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, help is always just a call away!

In a world full of news, it’s these stories of compassion, resilience, and the unyielding human spirit that give us a reason to smile.