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Flour-Covered Pup Pretends to be Innocent [Video]



  • Candy and Spike are food-loving pups, but Candy tends to get in trouble more.
  • One day, their mom came home to a spilled bag of flour and white pawprints.
  • Candy’s face and mouth were flour-covered, but she tried to act innocently as she greeted her mom.

Candy is one food-loving pup. According to her mom, Michelle Anderson, the cautious pup takes her time warming up to others, but if you have food, you’re automatically her friend.

Michelle told The Dodo, “She really just wants her mama but if you have food she’ll come to you. A lot of people think that she’s warmed up to them but as soon as there is no food in their hand it’s back to square one.”

While Candy tends to get into trouble going through any kind of food, her brother Spike is a bit pickier.

Photo Credit: Michelle Anderson

Michelle was returning home one day when she spotted the pup siblings waiting for her in the window. Candy looked like she had something all over her face, so Michelle wondered what she ate this time.

“I was on the phone talking to my boyfriend and said ‘Oh my God, why is Candy’s face all white,’” Michelle recalled.

Michelle saw the mess once she got inside. A bag of flour had spilled and scattered its contents all over the floor.

Candy, whose mouth was completely flour-covered, acted innocently as she looked up to greet her mom.


Michelle recounted, “There were flour footprints all in the room and down the hall. The flour [on her mouth] looked like dough built up because she must have gotten thirsty then went back to the flour. There was dough in the water bowl.” 

Candy’s flour-covered face, contrasted to Spike’s clean one, was a dead giveaway that she was the culprit of the doughy mess.

Photo Credit: Michelle Anderson

While both dogs are total foodies, Spike still has a somewhat more refined taste than his sister.

“Both dogs will get into bags or coat pockets if they smell food. Spike just so happened to not like flour or he would’ve been in it too,” Michelle said.

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Photo Credit: Michelle Anderson

Despite being the obvious culprit, Candy managed to get away with it without being scolded by her mom. Michelle said that she was to blame anyway for forgetting to store the bag of flour. Being covered in flour was punishment enough, she thought.

Source: The Dodo