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For Every Day in Quarantine, This Dog Gets New Hairstyle



  • Hannah Heil decided to play with her dog, styling his hair into new dos every day.
  • She now enjoys her day with Hank during this quarantine and she just cannot get enough of how hilarious the looks are.
  • The daily hairdos on the dog will likely continue for the entire quarantine period. You can follow the pictures of Hank and his hairdo on Instagram

This coronavirus pandemic leaves people with time in their hands and it could get boring. For this reason, everybody should make it a point to look for something they could look forward to every day.

Hannah and Adam Heil follow the safety protocols, keeping them isolated inside their house. The days drag on, without anything about it being easy, but Hannah decided to play around with her dog to busy herself instead. She spends her days combing and greasing the hair on her dog, designing different hairstyles for Hank every day.  

Hannah enjoys her day with Hank during this quarantine and she just cannot get enough of how hilarious the looks are. She adores these daily activities with her dog now. She probably would not stop until the quarantine ends!

Here are 18 pictures of the dog, complete with cute props!

1. Day 1. Hank the punk rock star.

2. Day 2. Quarantine chic, complete with a toilet paper statement necklace!

3. Day 3. Hank took an emo turn.


4. “Day 4 (Sunday Brunch)”

5. “Day 5. (Hank. Manager of Home Office Relations)”

6. Day 6. Hannah took inspiration from “The Flintstones.”

7. “Day 7. (Pity the fool who tries to leave this house)”

8. “Day 8. (Kiss the cook.)”

9. Day 9. A little homage to “Cast Away.”


10. Day 10. “The Black Pearl”

11. “Day 11. (Self-care Sunday)”

12. “Day 12. (Moovin’ into Monday!)”

13. “Day 13. (Call me now for your free tarot card readin’!)”

14. “Day 15. (Luke, Han, and the rare black tauntaun)”

15. “Day 16. (Hank Exotic)”


16. Day 17. Meet Hank 3000.

17. “Day 19. (Not the Mama Monday)”

18. “Day 20. (2020: You never know what you’re gonna get.)”

Hank is a star! These many hairstyles looking cute on the dog makes it difficult to pick just one. We can only hope that they could only get better in the days to come. The pictures of hairstyles on the dog posted on the internet attracted attention. There are fans out there that suggested these hairstyles be turned into a book, and we could not agree more!

We would be waiting in anticipation for the next hairstyle with the dog. The daily pictures of Hank and his hairdo are posted on Instagram.

Source: Inspire More