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Former Child Star Back To Health After More Than 270 Days Of Being Sober



  • Shaun Weiss who played goalie in the “Mighty Ducks” shocked his fans when his mugshot started circulating after he was arrested in January.
  • The actor looked totally different, and not in a good way after he suffered depression and drug addiction.
  • But he is trying to recover now and is more than 270 days sober, living a healthy life, with new sets of teeth!

The 42-year-old actor, Shaun Weiss, has completely transformed himself for the better after over  270 days of being sober.

His friend, actor Drew Gallagher, set up a GoFundMe page for Shaun intended to save him from homelessness, depression, and addiction. Recently, he posted a photo update of the “Mighty Ducks” star bragging about his new set of teeth! Thanks to a generous dentist from LA!

Photo Credit: GoFundMe

Dr. Gabe Rosenthal offered to do a free “full dental makeover” for Shaun, which normally costs $50,000 to $100,000.

When Shaun’s mugshot first surfaced on the internet, fans were shocked at how the adorable goalie in the “Mighty Ducks” had changed so much… he was unrecognizable!

According to the GoFundMe page description, he lost his parents, suffered depression, and turned to drugs to cope up and as an escape.

Photo Credit: GoFundMe

But he is now taking good care of his health and is having treatment for his mental health condition and addiction.

Drew always posts updates and recent photos of Shaun on the GoFundMe page, and he is indeed looking good and better — especially with his new teeth!

Since the dental makeover was given for free, the rest of the funds raised will be used for his recovery expenses.

Photo Credit: GoFundMe

“[It’s] allowed Shaun to use the GoFundMe funds to pay rent at his sober-living as well as buy some groceries,” Drew posted. “He’s even got an inexpensive laptop so he can access the internet.”

“Still a long road ahead but growing each week!”

In January, Shaun was arrested for trespassing someone’s home while he was high on meth. 


“He’s sick, he’s mentally ill. He’s just sick and everybody gives up on him,” Drew said and promised to always be there for his friend.

Source: Tank’s Good News