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Four-Year-Old Busts Out Impressive Dance Moves After Losing In A Game [Video]



  • After losing in a game of musical chairs, four-year-old Chrislyn Green grabs her teacher’s cellphone and starts dancing and showing her moves.
  • While other kids would have cried or sulked over a loss, Chrislyn showed how to gracefully accept defeat and soar.
  • Her mom, Diamond Gore, was tagged on the Twitter post by the teacher and she was surprised at the video going viral.

A lot of kids when they lose at a game, would sulk, scream, distance themselves from a crowd or cry their hearts out.  But still, others know how to take it with a grain of salt and brush it off. 

Meet four-year-old Chrislyn Green who showed her teacher and the world that she can handle it, gracefully at that.

Chrislyn lost in a game of musical chairs.  And when she saw her teacher recording the fun all the kids were having, she simply grabbed her phone and danced on cam!  She even encouraged “viewers” to “like and subscribe” to her channel.  It is what her favorite YouTube stars say, you know, guys.

And the girl can dance!

While her classmates continued playing, she was having fun dancing and her teacher could not help but laugh in shock at the girl’s impressive moves.

Her mom, Diamond Gore, did not know about it until the teacher tagged her on Twitter, the day after the event.

Diamond said, “So I pressed play, and I said, ‘Oh my god. You danced at school and got it on camera? You have so many views. What is going on?’”

The video going viral surprised Diamond but her daughter busting into a dance and slaying it is no surprise.  She says it only shows her daughter’s true personality.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Chrislyn, you certainly showed your classmates, teacher, mom, and adults that life is meant to be lived and losses are inevitable but being miserable about it is a choice.

You do you, girl!

Source: Inspire More