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Fox Finds Safe Haven in Woman’s Yard



  • A wild baby fox was driven away from her den, so she was looking for a safe space.
  • The fox then came upon Emma Thompson’s yard, where she made herself at home.
  • Foxy has since brought her sister with her, and Emma simply lets them be until it’s safe for them to return to the wild.

A couple of months ago, a fox paid an unexpected visit to Emma Thompson while she was working in her office.

The fox had come in the kitchen door that Emma left open for fresh air. Emma spotted something orange and moving near her leg. But when the fox saw her, it quickly bolted right back out.

Since then, the fox, whom Emma named Foxy, started visiting her yard and even let herself in through the little door flap for her cats.

Photo Credit: Emma Thompson

Emma gradually found out where Foxy came from. She was born in a neighbor’s yard, but had nowhere to go when the neighbor destroyed the den.

Foxy then came upon Emma’s yard, and found Emma to be a nice enough human. So the fox decided to stay, while Emma watched from a safe distance.

Fox Finds Safe Haven in Woman's Yard
Photo Credit: Emma Thompson

Foxy quickly felt at home. The backyard sofa has become her favorite napping place. She’s also friends with the cats, and even sneaks into the house sometimes to steal slippers.

It wasn’t long before Foxy decided to bring her sister to the safe space, too.

Photo Credit: Emma Thompson

But the fox sisters started sneaking into the house more often, so Emma had to fix the cat door to make it more challenging for the wild animals.

Emma said that she didn’t really mind them coming inside when she could see where they are, but she didn’t want them to come in during the night and steal stuff.

“She wasn’t happy — now no matter how hard she tries, the flap won’t open,” Emma said.

Photo Credit: Emma Thompson

Emma said that she’s fully aware that they’re wild animals: “[I] need to stress that I know they need to stay wary of humans. They do run if I move too quickly or raise my voice.”

So she never pets them, always keeps her distance, and avoids interactions that could make them reliant on humans.

Fox Finds Safe Haven in Woman's Yard
Photo Credit: Emma Thompson

“I’ve never petted them,” said Emma. “But Foxy has sniffed me many a time and curled her tail around my legs once. I thought it was one of the cats.”

But at only about four months old, Foxy and her sister are still quite young and in need of a safe space where they can grow up and prepare themselves for the wild.

Fox Finds Safe Haven in Woman's Yard
Photo Credit: Emma Thompson

Emma is simply honored that they found her yard to be a safe haven.

Now that Emma’s forced to work from home, simply seeing the happy sisters in her garden brightens her days.

You can follow the fox sisters’ adventures on Facebook.

Source: The Dodo