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Freediver returns lost engagement ring found in England’s largest lake



  • Rebecca lost her engagement ring while on the shores of Lake Windermere, the largest lake in England.
  • Good thing there’s a trusted freediver team around the community, whom the hotel called after knowing what happened.
  • Local freediver Angus Hosking, 22, was able to retrieve the ring and return it to Rebecca!

A woman lost her engagement ring just two days after saying yes to her fiancé, but thanks to some skillful freediver who found and returned her sunken treasure.

Rebecca lost her ring while on a dock near a hotel on the shores of Lake Windermere. The hotel immediately called local freediver Angus Hosking as soon as they knew about what happened.

For more than three years, Angus, 22, and fellow freediver Declan Turner, 20, have been doing underwater clean-ups within The Lake District, according to the BBC. The two go by the name Lake District Diving, and besides removing litters from the lakes, they also find and return lost items, such as phones, jewelry, cameras, around The Lake District.

The pair was able to build a good reputation in the community, helping out people “in their time of need.”

On Instagram, Angus said that he received the phone call about the lost ring during his lunchtime. After finishing his shift, he headed over to the lake which is actually the largest in England, being 10.5 miles long and one mile wide.

“With something as light and small as a ring it’s time-sensitive, but fortunately we had a rough idea of where it was — if it had been in the middle of the lake, it wouldn’t have been like a needle in a haystack, but a needle in the world,” the 22-year-old freediver told the BBC.

After searching for 20 minutes and using an underwater metal detector, Angus was able to retrieve the ring!

“Such lovely people and we’re so glad that we could help them,” Angus said in an Instagram post. “And what an amazing ring, white gold and diamond!”

The couple was all smiles when the precious ring was returned to them, but Angus was as happy, being able to use his underwater skills to extend help.

Photo Credit: lakedistrictdiving/Instagram

Besides Rebecca, a man was also reunited with his wedding ring after a metal-detector hobbyist found it. Surprisingly, the ring was lost for more than 50 years!

Source: MSN