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Furry Friendship Goals: Adorable Golden Retriever Meets His New Kitten Brother



Quick Smiles:

  1. Lincoln the golden retriever and Charlie the kitten defy the cat-dog rivalry myth, becoming inseparable best friends after their heartwarming first meeting, documented in a viral TikTok video.
  2. A 2020 study published in PLoS ONE supports the idea that cats and dogs can get along, with many pet owners reporting their furry companions playing and sleeping together.
  3. The heart-melting story of Lincoln and Charlie’s friendship highlights the power of love and companionship, providing a feel-good reminder that bonds can be formed regardless of species.

When we think of cats and dogs, we usually imagine two natural-born frenemies. But sometimes, a “paw-some” friendship defies the odds and leaves us with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. And that’s precisely what happened when Lincoln the golden retriever met Charlie the kitten for the first time.

Kate Sherwood, the proud pet owner, shared heart-melting footage of her beloved fur babies becoming inseparable pals on TikTok. If you need a daily dose of cuteness, look no further than the dynamic duo of Lincoln and Charlie, who prove that love knows no species!

“They’re like brothers,” Sherwood told Newsweek. “Charlie grew up with Lincoln so he kind of acts like him, thinks he’s a dog. I’ve never seen a dog and cat so close. It’s really sweet!” Who says you can’t teach an old dog (or cat) new tricks?

In fact, a 2020 study published in PLoS ONE debunked the age-old myth of cats and dogs always being at odds. The study found that 64% of pet owners reported their dogs and cats played together, while 58% noted their furry friends often slept next to each other. Talk about an adorable snuggle fest!

Sherwood’s story began with the heartbreaking loss of her previous cat to stomach cancer. Eventually, she decided to find a new companion for Lincoln and discovered Charlie on Petfinder. Charlie’s cute face was simply irresistible, and soon enough, he became part of the family.

From day one, Lincoln and Charlie’s bond was unbreakable. “Lincoln was so curious and gentle with him from the beginning and after a couple days of proving to Charlie that he was safe, they started to play and cuddle together,” Sherwood recalled.

The adorable journey of their blossoming friendship is captured in a video on TikTok, with nearly a million views and counting. I guess you could say they’ve reached “purr-fection” in their online presence!


These best buds have turned their home into a playground, running downstairs for treats and watching squirrels outside together. “Then we go upstairs to their toy room and I’ll play with both of them for a while,” Sherwood said. Sounds like a “purr-ty” good time, doesn’t it?

So, next time someone tells you cats and dogs can’t get along, just remember the tale of Lincoln and Charlie – the ultimate proof that love and friendship can bridge any gap. With a heartwarming story like this, we’re sure your day will be filled with smiles and maybe even inspire you to create your own “paw-sitive” moments!

Source: Newsweek