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German Shepherd Activates Her Motherly Instinct And Adopts Two Unexpected “Puppies” [Video]



  • A German Shepherd named Thea has captured the hearts of TikTok viewers with the way she treats her two toy piggies.
  • Thea cares for the two toys like they were her own puppies.
  • Thea’s owner, Natalie Banks, assures concerned viewers that Thea is not having a false pregnancy, upset or stressed but just cares for the toys like family members.

When Natalie Banks saw that her dog Thea’s destructive phase of toys was over, she put two toy pigs in Thea’s toy box.  She was not expecting the 15-month-old German Shepherd to start caring for them as if they were her puppies.

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Natalie said that she tried throwing one of the toys to play fetch with and Thea gently picked it up.  She treated the toy like a puppy and so Natalie brought out the other orange pig for her.

Natalie said that Thea always checks on the pigs. “We keep them in a box that we bring out for her as we have other dogs that wouldn’t be as gentle with them, so we keep them safe.”

Photo Credit: @alba_and_althea_gsds (TikTok)

And TikTok users are reacting to the tender love and care that Thea is giving the toys.

One user commented: “That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen,” to which another user added: “Omg my heart. I love dogs so much more than I love most people.”

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And another one said: “I just can’t, this is so cute.”

Natalie explains that Thea is a gentle giant who is an extremely loving dog.  And even though she has adopted other toys before, the piggies are on a different level.

Photo Credit: @alba_and_althea_gsds (TikTok)

Other commenters were concerned that maybe Thea was upset or experiencing a false pregnancy. Natalie answered that Thea thinks of the piggies as additional members of the family and is not stressed or upset.

Natalie is happy that Thea is touching hearts and bringing joy to others by the way she treats her toy babies.

Bless your heart, Thea!

Source: Newsweek