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German Shepherds playing gently with baby animals are the sweetest [Video]



  • A TikTok account dedicated to showing adorable dogs enjoying nature is going to make your heart smile.
  • Jakoba German Shepherds have been posting videos of their lovable group of dogs playing with baby animals.
  • These videos only prove that love between and among species is possible.

We all have our favorite TikTok channels that we follow.  But this one would certainly make you crave more of their videos!

@von.jakoba Such good puppers 🥰 #germanshepherd #dogsoftiktok #chicks #babychicks #farmlife #spring #babyanimals #fypage ♬ original sound – cattok

 Jakoba German Shepherds have been posting videos of their lovable group of residents Koba, Brenna, Meeka, Ryker, Kai, and Atlas, on Tiktok.  Their lovable nature and adventures are so cute you would want to subscribe and follow them. Their photoshoot albums, pups wearing hats and canines enjoying nature are adorable! 

They even have a human baby, River, who joins the delightful menagerie to make you feel good. But then again, they showed a video of German Shepherds playing dads to baby birds and your heart will just melt.

@von.jakoba Which is your favorite? #germanshepherd #dogsofttiktok #babyanimals #chickennuggets #chickens #ducks #turtles #horsesoftiktok #snakes #naturedocumentary ♬ original sound – cattok

You might ask, how can these gentle giants play with chicks that are so small?  How can they lick the ducks with so much care and handle them like fragile glass?  You will just be in awe at these dogs giving love to feathered species.

@von.jakoba Reply to @cody_the_giant_nerd he loves his chicken nuggets #germanshepherd #dogsofttiktok #petsoftiktok #summer #chickensoftiktok #chickennuggets #tiktok ♬ original sound – Jakoba GSDs

Since the video has been uploaded, it has gone viral with nearly five million views.  But wait, it’s not the only one that would capture your heart.  There’s another video showing a bird balancing on the nose of one German Shepherd. The dogs are all so behaved and show tender loving care to the birds, you can’t help but love them.

Kudos to the people behind the camera for capturing these wonderful moments of interspecies love.  So, if you want the feel-good, forget the ugly world videos, and watch these doggies show unconditional love.

Source: Daily Paws