Golden retriever can’t be bothered as he soaks in the mud [Video]

golden soaks in the mud

  • Brianna Manuel has been sharing adorable videos of the dogs she walks on a regular basis.
  • One video had viewers relating to a golden retriever who can’t be bothered to get out of a mud soak.
  • Brianna beckoned Bandit to get back to walking, but he just laid his head down and blew some mud bubbles with a sigh.

There are just some days when you want to have a long soak in the tub, or simply stay in bed and remain unbothered for as long as you need. One golden retriever seemed like the perfect representation of this feeling, and the TikTok world agrees.

Meet Bandit. He’s one of the dogs that Brianna Manuel walks regularly. And it seems like he’s not the only dog who’s a fan of soaking in the mud. In the video below, we can see Bandit and another dog stopping in the middle of the walk to soak in the muddy water.

“Oh my God, you two,” Brianna exclaimed as she spotted them.

When Brianna beckons them, the other dog gets up and shakes the mud out. But Bandit can’t be bothered to move.

The golden retriever puts his head back down in the mud and dramatically sighs, making bubbles as he does.

Golden retriever can't be bothered as he soaks in the mud
Photo Credit: TikTok/thecrazydoggirl

“Oh my God. What a turkey. I can’t believe he’s doing that,” Brianna said.

A few moments later, he lifts his head again and sits up. But he doesn’t show any indication that he’ll be leaving anytime soon.

TikTok viewers have been so taken with Bandit and his “unbothered” expression that the video has since been viewed over 6.9 million times.

Golden retriever can't be bothered as he soaks in the mud
Photo Credit: TikTok/thecrazydoggirl

It turns out that the mud bath has become a “weekly thing.”

Bandit and the dogs simply love wallowing in the muddy waters!

You can see more dogs soaking (and rolling) in the mud on Brianna’s TikTok.

Source: Daily Paws

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