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Good Samaritan Buys Pantera Guitar for Young Man who Always Played it in the Shop [Video]



  • Music lover Fallon has become a regular visitor at a music shop so he can play the Pantera guitar on display.
  • Another customer who noticed him anonymously bought the guitar for him.
  • Eight months came by before he returned to the store, where he was surprised with the guitar of his dreams!

Fallon has had a special fondness for a particular Pantera guitar ever since he spotted it in the J.B. Hart Music Co. in Grand Junction, Colorado.

So, over the years, he would regularly visit the shop and ask to play the Pantera guitar, specifically the Dean Dimebag Darrell ML Guitar.

“We were shocked he knew some Dimebag riffs,” the music store shared on Facebook.

Photo Credit: J.B. Hart Music Co., Inc.

“Fallon is impacted by Williams Syndrome and has an excellent knowledge and a love for music. His dream was to own this guitar,” they continued.

About eight months ago, Fallon was in the store playing the guitar as usual when another customer noticed him and was moved by his playing.

That customer later returned to the store, anonymously bought the $800 Dean “Dimebag” Darrell ML Guitar, and asked them to give it to Fallon the next time he returned!

Photo Credit: J.B. Hart Music Co., Inc.

The store kept the guitar safe and waited for Fallon’s return.

But eight months passed before he could return to claim his gift. Fallon and his family had moved to Texas.

When they recently visited Colorado, they popped in the store and were surprised by the gift awaiting them.

A video from the last post. Please read the story. Congrats Fallon!Posted by J.B. Hart Music Co., Inc. on Thursday, December 30, 2021

The music store shared, “His mom burst into tears, and Fallon beamed with excitement. It was a special moment.”

“There are still good people in this world,” they added.

The remaining members of Pantera later learned about the story, and were glad that the guitar made famous by the dearly departed “Dimebag” Darrel found its way to Fallon, who cherished his music.


Happy New Year! What an amazing story. Enjoy your new Dimebag Darrell guitar, Fallon.Posted by Pantera on Sunday, January 2, 2022

And according to band manager Kim Davis, Pantera’s Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown were so touched that they will be sending Fallon a rocking care package!

Source: Good News Network