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Goofy Dog Turns Himself Into Pretzel [Video]



  • Cooley is an adorable pitbull that loves to make himself into an optical illusion every night.
  • When Cooley feels like his family isn’t giving him much attention, he does a somersault, lands on his back and tries to catch his tail making him look like a pretzel knot.
  • Every time he does it, his mom would say “he’s broken and needs a reset button.”

Does your dog like doing things that make them appear like they’re broken and needed fixing?

Cooley is a silly dog that likes goofing around. Turning himself into an optical illusion is part of this pit bull’s nighttime routine.

When you see a picture of him doing his trick, you might wonder what you’re looking at. 

Cooley can twist his body into a confusing shape that makes you think, “What part of a dog am I looking at?”

Watch Cooley does his trick below:

He doesn’t seem to hurt himself while doing his antics in fact, he looks like he’s having so much fun.

When the pittie feels like his family isn’t giving him much attention, he flops on his back and tries to catch his tail, Danielle Case Becraft, Cooley’s mom, told The Dodo.


“He will do this almost every night!” Danielle said. “He will somersault into a pretzel with all four feet in the air and try to get his tail.”

After a few minutes of holding this position, the pup will pop up, wagging his tail, and then do it all over again. “I think he is just playing and being silly,” Danielle said. “We always say he’s broken and needs a reset button when he does it.”

Two years ago, Danielle adopted Cooley from Fort Wayne Pit bull Coalition, and the dog couldn’t be more grateful. At 4 months old, the pup had been surrendered twice, but when Danielle and her children met the energetic Cooley, they knew he’d be perfect for their family.

Photo Credit: Danielle Case Becraft

“He will give kisses on request and he loves our three kids,” Becraft said. “He could be friends with any other animal and doesn’t know a stranger.”

Aside from doing “the twist,” Cooley also loves belly scratches and snuggles. He also gets excited about going outside so he can do zoomies.

Source: The Dodo