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Grandma Who Survived Covid-19 Thanked Doctors, Nurses With Homemade Tamales



  • A coronavirus survivor cooked her special tamales to thank doctors and nurses who took care of her.
  • Grandma Margarita Montañez labored for 5 days to deliver 800 of her tamales to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.
  • Montañez made a promise that if she survives the coronavirus, she would bring them her special tamales for Christmas.

For Grandma Margarita Montañez, a promise is a promise even when made in an intensive care unit.  She survived COVID-19 and the doctors and nurses who took care of her, deserve none other than the best tamales.  Cooked by her, of course!

Montañez said, “I appreciate the doctors, the nurse, they helped me. I was in the ICU for four days and I really appreciate it, that’s why I did it.”

She stayed at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for 20 days with some days on a ventilator at the ICU.

That is when she swore that if she survived the coronavirus, she would bring them her handmade tamales for Christmas.

Photo Credit: KTLA 5 (Youtube)

And so for five days, she lovingly cooked 800 tamales to bring to the hospital.

Her daughter Cindy says, “People may not remember her but she remembers the medical staff every single day because of what they did to save her life and the lives of literally thousands of people. So they are the heroes and they deserve the best tamales in the world which are my mom’s tamales.”

What makes the tamales special is that it is cooked “with lots of love”, and that’s Montañez’s secret ingredient.

Photo Credit: KTLA 5 (Youtube)

It is one thank you that doctors, nurses, and the rest of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center staff would welcome and greatly appreciate.  Handmade, homecooked, and filled with love.

According to the L.A. Public Health, the number of positive coronavirus cases continue to rise in L.A. County and has already surpassed 600,000. There have been 60 new deaths and new confirmed cases of the coronavirus at 13,756.

Overall in the United States, as of December 20, 17,701,500 people have already been infected by the coronavirus and at least 316,300 have died. 

Source: PEOPLE