Grandma Working At Walmart To Pay Her Mortgage Has Strangers Rallying To Help Her [Video]

  • Senior citizen Nola worked at a Walmart store to pay off her mortgage.
  • Nola was caught on video by Devan Bonagura sitting down and looking sad at a Walmart store.
  • The video tugged at the hearts of Devan’s TikTok viewers who urged him to help the lady prompting him to set-up a GoFundMe page which raised more than $100,000.

When Devan Bonagura saw a Walmart employee named Nola, sitting and looking dejected, he took a video, posted it on his TikTok page and captioned it, captioned it “Life shouldn’t b this hard”.  The clip touched the hearts of 20 million people who saw it.

Majority of the 39,000 comments on the video urged Devan to do something for the downtrodden lady.

Devan then set-up a GoFundMe for Nola.  And in just below 24 hours, more than $100,000 was raised!

Devan then contacted Nola’s granddaughter when the donations reached $110,000.  The granddaughter verified if the GoFundme was legitimate before she drove Nolan to meet with Devan.

Devan told Nola, “They saw that you’re a very hard worker, obviously. “We are all super proud of you, and we wanted to offer you the $110,000 that has been raised for you.”

Devan was delighted over the good deed by so many strangers and explained that she still worked because she needed to finish paying her mortgage amounting to $170,000. She said, “I’d accept it, but I’d still have to work until I get the other $60,000 paid off the house.”

When Devan’s audience learned of this from his video update, they donated more than the needed amount!

Nola can now finally retire but said that she will miss her Walmart customers. Nola said, “I’m going to completely retire the first of the year.”  She added, “I’m going to help them out for the holidays, and then it’ll be good to stay home.”

As for Devan, even if he got some push-back from Walmart over his video, he says he just did the right thing to help Nola out of her situation.  

 Good job, Devan!

Source: Inspire More

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Devan, you are the kind of person who
makes God smile down from Heaven.
Your kindness shown to Nola touched
my heart as I know it did those wonderful
people who donated to your GoFundMe.

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