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Grandmother-Granddaughter Duo Creates Magical Fairy Garden [Video]



  • A grandmother-granddaughter duo has created a magical fairy garden for the community to tour and enjoy.
  • The fairy garden tour features 14 magical locations, each with a charming name, such as “Bernie’s Buttons,” “Bean’s Pod,” and “Aqua’s Flip Flop Inn.”
  • Each location has a magical aura — like fairies indeed live there — which reminds us that there is magic all around us.

A grandmother-granddaughter duo has made it a hobby to create fairy houses, which they have been doing for years.

So when the pandemic struck, they decided to place the enchanting creations outdoors to allow the community to view them.

One such “fairy garden tour” can be undertaken at a New York state street.

A tiny mailbox fastened on a tree contains a list of all 14 magical fairy locations.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Following the arrow will lead you to a flower-filled garden that houses the fairy spots.

At the first stop, you will find “Bernie’s Buttons.” It features “The Button Factory,” a colorful mosaic house that contains sparkling jewels.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The house is made out of a tin can, plaster of Paris, glitter, beads, and old buttons!

Grandma Carol shares that they love using recycled and old materials: “We just use plaster from the hardware store and inset all types of things from pebbles to glitter and plastic jewels.”

“Finley’s Shanty” features an old stone pathway to welcome visiting fairies. There you will see a huge glowing crystal ball and a decorative wire bench.

The fairies can then head to lunch at “Bean’s Pod.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

The granddaughter narrates, “The fairies can sit by the waterfall and sneak into my grandma’s garden to steal fresh raspberries. They can also play tic tac bug.”

The fairies then sit under the gazebo at “Flo’s Creek” to read or collect pink petunias. They can also swim, go for a boat ride, or relax under the sun at “Aqua’s Flip Flop Inn.”


Most of the tiny houses feature myriad colors, shells, and sparkles.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Each location has a magical aura — it seems like fairies indeed live there. The flower-filled environment also adds to the feel of enchantment.

Ending the tour will earn you a token. The last spot features a three-inch-tall treasure chest that contains several colorful jewels.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The sign reads, “Well, I hope you enjoyed your fairy garden tour, because I really enjoyed it so much. Please take a jewel to remember your visit.”

They have stored away the fairy land for now to prepare for the upcoming winter, but the virtual tour is still available on YouTube.

The enchanting fairy garden reminds us that there is magic all around us, if we just take the time to look.

Source: Good News Network