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Grandpa Undergoing Cancer Treatments Get TLC from His Nurse Cat



  • Kelly Nugent brought her cats to her dad John’s home to be with him as he undergoes chemotherapy for his bone marrow cancer.
  • One of the cats, Sweet Potato, appointed himself caregiver and therapist to John as he follows and is with him everywhere.
  • Dad and daughter agree that Sweet Potato has gotten him through the difficult chemotherapy.

Animals know by instinct when humans are sick.  They gravitate towards them and offer their companion.

When Kelly’s dad John Nugent underwent chemotherapy for his bone marrow cancer, she decided to move from Miami, Florida to New York to be with her dad.  She brought along her Scottish fold cat, Sweet Potato or “Tato” and another cat, Jelly Donut.

Kelly wanted to be with her dad to help him physically and mentally by staying close to him. She did not expect that her cat Sweet Potato would also be taking care of her dad.


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John was not really a cat person but as Kelly said, “As soon as we got there and Sweet Potato acclimated, he became a madman for my dad. He would not leave his side, and still, to this day, they’re just attached at the hip.”

Sweet Potato would follow John everywhere and insist on being with him all the time.  It is as if Sweet Potato knew that it was his job to help heal John, according to Kelly.

Sweet Potato stays at the crook of John’s arm, joins him for his meals, and goes to bed beside him every night. He might not be a therapy animal but he sure appointed himself as one.


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Kelly shares videos of the new bromance between her dad and Sweet Potato on Tiktok and it has gone viral.

Strangers have been commenting and rooting for John.


Sweet Potato’s caring has had a good effect on John as since he arrived, John is no longer in much pain and has gone stronger to have a bone marrow transplant scheduled in June.

Photo Credit: Kelly Nugent

Although John’s not out of danger yet, both Kelly and John agree that the doting cat has gotten John through the tough times.

Kelly said, “I really think the emotional support of Sweet Potato and the cuddles and just being there — it’s had a huge impact on him.”

Will Kelly, Sweet Potato and Jelly Donut stay in New York for good now?

Source: Inspire More