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Grandpa’s Flannel Made To ‘Memory Bears’ For His Widow And 6 Grandchildren



  • A hospice worker named Patrice Davis makes bears to give to family members who have lost a loved one at the hospice.
  • One widow, Mary, requested Patrice to make 6 bears for each of the grandkids she shared with her husband Thomas who passed away.
  • Patrice made seven bears from Thomas’ flannel shirts with eyes that were similar to his and even had eyeglasses just like him for the 6 grandkids and for Mary.

When AccentCare Hospice Care worker Thomas Lennon died from complications with Parkinson’s Disease, his widow Mary was asked if she wanted a memory bear in Thomas’ honor.

Patients who lose their loved ones are given memory bears and Patrice Travis is the person responsible for sewing them.

Mary asked for 6 bears for her 6 grandkids so that they’ll have something to remind them of their grandpa.

Photo Credit: AccentCare Hospice

Patrice researched Thomas and learned he was nicknamed “Pom-Pom” and always said “Peace” when he leaves a place.  And so, she fashioned the “Pom-Pom” bears out of Thomas’ flannel shirts with eyes that matched his eye color, glasses that looked like his, and a patch with “Peace” on it.

And since Thomas played guitar, she sewed special pockets to hold used guitar picks from Thomas’ stash. 

And with extra shirt material left, she also made one for Mary whom she felt needed a bear, too.

Photo Credit: AccentCare Hospice

In three months, just two days shy of Christmas day, she finished all 7 bears. Patrice said, “They took on a life of their own here at our home.” She added, “Each ended up with a different personality in the face. I earnestly loved working on the project!”

The hospice’s outreach manager Christina said she was astounded at how Patrice remarkably made the bears that captured the essence of [Mary’s] husband”.

The bears were also fitted with one of Pom Pom’s hats as they were given to each of the grandkids on Christmas morning. 


Now the bears are called “Grandpy” and go with the kids everywhere and do activities with them. At night, they take off his glasses to sleep and then put them back again in the morning.

Thomas lives on in his grandkids’ lives and has become their “Bear Angel” who watches over them.

For Mary, the idea “has morphed into something I could never have imagined and has made everything so much more beautiful.”

Good job, Patrice!

Source: Good News Network