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Groom’s Brother with Autism Delivers the Sweetest Best Man Speech [Video]



  • Sam Waldron, who has social struggles and autism, had developed a strong bond with his big brother Jonah, who helped look after him through his childhood.
  • So on Jonah’s wedding day, Sam mustered up the courage to deliver the best man speech in front of 170 wedding guests — and he absolutely nailed it!
  • His speech made everyone laugh and cry, and definitely made his big brother proud.

Sam Waldron struggles socially, but he mustered his courage to deliver the best man speech for his big brother Jonah on his big day. And it was perfectly delivered — he made everyone cry and laugh!

Sam, 23, was diagnosed with autism when he was 7. He shared that it’s caused him to be afraid to interact with people.

But he was constantly encouraged by Jonah, 27, who reminded him “that being different is a real strength, not a weakness.” He called Jonah a “hero” who “never looked down on me.”

Being only four years apart, the two went to the same school, where big brother Jonah made sure to help Sam with school and “practice social situations in public settings.”

Being Sam’s Respite Care worker inspired Jonah to become a Special Education Teacher to help other children with special needs.

Jonah met teacher Madison Waldron at Wartburg College. When he introduced his new girlfriend to his younger brother, Sam “felt completely comfortable right away.”

Sam had said at his speech that Madison, 25, has “all the makings of a great sister.” He also joked that she was fortunate to have married the “second most handsome Waldron.”

Groom's Brother with Autism Delivers the Sweetest Best Man Speech
Photo Credit: SWNS

Jonah added, “My favorite part was when he was explaining to Maddy that she gave him peace, because that is exactly how I would explain the way she is with Sam.”

When the couple got engaged, Jonah instantly knew who his best man would be.

Sam was very happy but also nervous. He said later, “I felt like my dream came true… I got to be around my best brother.” He said that he practiced for two days by reading his speech aloud to his relatives.


And when the big day came on July 3, he delivered his speech in front of 170 wedding guests. Big brother Jonah couldn’t hold back his tears of happiness and pride as he watched his little brother do a splendid job. When he finished, everyone gave him a standing ovation and the newly married couple made sure to tell him how great he did.

Groom's Brother with Autism Delivers the Sweetest Best Man Speech
Photo Credit: SWNS

Sam later shared, “I was really nervous before the speech. Before I stood up, I wasn’t sure if everyone would like my speech, but I got more comfortable as I started reading. I felt like I was speaking out to whoever has autism and that I was speaking for the autism community.”

Great job, Sam, it truly was the sweetest best man speech.

Source: Good News Network