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Heinz Searches for Sailor to Gift New Boat with Latest Navigation Technology




  • Heinz wants to contact a Dominican sailor who survived four weeks at sea with only a bottle of ketchup to offer him a new boat equipped with navigational technology.
  • Elvis Francois was rescued by the Colombian navy after his boat was carried out to sea during a storm.
  • Heinz has contacted the government of Dominica and the Colombian Navy but has not yet found Francois.

Heinz, the popular condiment brand, is on the lookout for a Dominican sailor named Elvis Francois who survived four weeks at sea with just a bottle of ketchup for sustenance. Francois was out sailing near St Maarten when a storm carried him out into open waters.

After losing contact with his friends and co-workers, Francois wrote ‘Help’ on his boat and waited for rescue with no food but a packet of garlic seasoning, a bottle of ketchup, and some Maggi soup. Fortunately, he was rescued by the Colombian navy and deemed to be in good health after a medical examination.

Now, Heinz wants to gift Francois with a new boat that is equipped with full navigational technology to help him avoid future mishaps. Heinz has reached out to the government of Dominica, where Francois lives, and the Colombian Navy, but so far they have had no luck in finding him. If anyone has any information about Francois, Heinz is requesting that they send them a direct message