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Hero dog awarded for saving owner’s life



  • Astro was recognized as a hero by the local fire department and animal services for saving his owner’s life.
  • When his owner had a medical emergency, the American pit bull terrier alerted someone and led them to his owner.
  • His quick actions were critical to saving his owner’s life.

A hero dog from Texas has received awards from the El Paso Fire Department (EPFD) and El Paso Animal Services for saving his owner’s life.

The local officials awarded the brave Astro with a medal and treated him to a dog-safe cake on Friday, KTSM reported.

The American pit bull terrier reportedly alerted their neighbor to his owner’s medical emergency, who promptly called the first responders.

Fire department officials shared the incident on social media, but got his name wrong at the time and mistakenly called him Cosmo.

The EPFD wrote on Facebook, “The smart pup immediately went to look for help. A good samaritan saw [Astro] and tried to get closer, [Astro] led them to his owner, and 911 was called. Thanks to this, Pumper 15 and Rescue 31 were able to assist and transport the patient, saving his life.”

EPFD spokesperson Enrique Duenas-Aguilar recalled the incident during the awarding ceremony on Friday.

Astro was barking and running around to alert anyone nearby, which is when a good samaritan saw him and approached, thinking the dog was in trouble. Astro then kept moving to lead the stranger to his owner.

“Without his help, the patient might have never been found,” Duenas-Aguilar said. 

The concerned Astro also tried to get into the ambulance to accompany his owner.


“Not only was he a friend but he was there to help when his owner needed him the most,” El Paso Animal Services’ interim director Ramon Herrera said during the ceremony. “He really set an example for dogs that look just like him. Astro is definitely a pit bull and that is one of the main breeds you find in many shelters.”

Bertha Martinez, Astro’s owner and the patient’s mother, expressed her surprise at their pet’s heroic act, since Astro was not trained for emergencies.

“We never thought in a million years he’d do something like that,” Bertha told KTSM.

Bertha admitted that she was afraid of pit bulls back when they adopted the stray Astro, and thought they wouldn’t be able to keep him for long.

But now, Bertha is sure that they’ll be Astro’s forever home.

Bertha added that pit bulls only need to be treated well and not harmed, and they can easily become heroes just like Astro.

Source: FOX News