Hiker adopts stray dog who follows her and now brings him to travel around the US

  • Nikki Delventhal had always wanted to travel around the US in her Toyota Prius.
  • While she was hiking with her mom, a stray dog followed them the entire time and chased after them.
  • Nikki adopted him and named him Camper, and now they’re seeing the US together!

To see and explore the world was Nikki Delventhal’s goal, something that she believes is worth doing while she’s still young.

“Ever since I was maybe about 21 years old, it’s been a dream of mine to just live out of a vehicle,” she said. “I know it’s unconventional but, that’s me. It’s not for everybody, but it’s for me.”

Last September, Nikki went on a hike with her mom in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was pondering on what she’d really want to do in her life: ditch her apartment and travel around the US in her Toyota Prius.

Photo Credit: nikkidelventha/Instagram

Nikki was then decided to make big changes in her life, and in that moment, a stray dog came and made her realize she needed him.

That fateful day, as she and her mom hit the trails, a young dog suddenly appeared and was trailing them the entire hike. When they got in the car to leave, the poor pup chased after them as they drove away.

The sight broke Nikki’s heart. So, she stopped, opened her door, and took the stray in.

Nikki brought him to a local animal shelter to check if he was a lost pet. But when one came to claim him, she returned to officially adopt the pooch whom she later on named Camper, a name that perfectly fits him. Camper has since become his travel buddy for her nomadic adventures!

Photo Credit: nikkidelventha/Instagram

Nikki started her first steps toward her goal of traveling the country. She put her belongings in storage and moved into her Prius full-time. What’s more fun was she has Camper with him, who’s also always ready for some fun escapades!

To fund her lifestyle, she uses sponsorships and brand endorsements on her Instagram and YouTube channel. The explorer fur mom also collects donations for animal shelters to help stray dogs like Camper.

Photo Credit: nikkidelventha/Instagram

Nikki is grateful to have Camper by her side. And no doubt, the pup came into her life in the right place at the right time.

Source: Inspire More

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