Hungry cat interrupts mom’s meeting to remind her it’s past mealtime [Video]

A new TikTok video getting the rounds on the internet shows how one cat demands to be fed after his mom was 2 minutes late for feeding time. No one can blame this needy cat because he knows when the clock ticks 5 — it’s dinner time! 

The TikTok video was posted by user @eatsleepmeow. The clip was captioned: “When dinner is at 5:00 and it’s 5:02, but mom is still in her meeting.”

@eatsleepmeow Reply to @anse1995 his patience has run thin #kitten #kitten #cat #cats #catsoftiktok #fypシ #foryou #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Frankie and Theo

He gets his mom’s attention off her Zoom call meeting with a little banging of pots and pans. Very creative.

So, dramatic, and a little impatient, don’t you think? One thing’s for sure — you can’t get mad with this super cute kitty.

“Sorry, I have to go, my cat is tearing up the kitchen,” her mom probably told her colleagues.

“They’re protesting the service,” commented user @Austin Brown. “Defs not leaving a tip,” the content creator replied . “The ???? isn’t going to fill itself, Karen!” said @Mr Hans. 

The orange cat was so impressed, too! @sepiasunrise wrote, ‘Orange cat, you’re my hero.’ Thinks to himself: ‘I didn’t know we could do that!'”

TikTok users are offering how to make sure the drama doesn’t happen again. @Melissa Mercado said, “And this is where you try to learn to multitask????????.” Put the meeting on mute, no one would know! Or don’t schedule your meetings so close to dinner? “Punctuality is important people,” wrote @LabScientist79.

The best advice came from @hindsight_is_mmxx who said, “You better sleep with one eye open,” because for sure, that cat will not forget!  

Source: Pet Helpful

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She could always get an automatic feeder.

And who said that you can’t train cats? Now herding them is another matter.