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Interbeing: Debut Album by Romanian Folk Singer Silvia Dan Raises Funds for Forest Restoration




  • Silvia Dan, an 80-year-old Romanian folk singer, has released her debut album that will fund habitat restoration in the Carpathian Mountains.
  • The album, named Interbeing, was recorded in the remote village of Nucsoara with local musicians playing traditional Romanian flutes.
  • Every copy of the album sold will go towards planting native trees in the region, a project managed by Nico de Transilvania’s nonprofit Forests without Frontiers.

Romanian folk singer Silvia Dan has just released her debut album at the age of 80, and it’s for a great cause! The album, called Interbeing, was recorded in the remote village of Nucsoara, where Silvia is known for her beautiful voice.

A team of talented artists, musicians, and photographers traveled all the way from Brighton to record with her and local musicians, capturing the pure beauty of traditional Romanian flutes.

What’s even better is that every copy of the album sold will help fund habitat restoration in the Carpathian Mountains, an area renowned for its old-growth forests that are home to lynx, wolves, and bears. Illegal logging has taken a toll on the region, and Interbeing is Nico de Transilvania’s way of using music to restore some of the damage.

Nico’s nonprofit organization, Forests without Frontiers, will oversee the planting of native trees that are properly protected in law, with the aim of restoring the landscape near Silvia’s village.

Silvia says, “I am so happy that money raised will help to restore the landscape near my village – it has been devastating to see the destruction, and this project gives me hope.”