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Internet Swoons Over Mastiff’s Luxurious Bathtime Routine



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  • An English mastiff named Bridget, initially dubbed as “scary”, has become a hit on the internet with her delightful bathtime routine.
  • The viral video, viewed over 61 million times, shows Bridget enjoying a pampering session complete with premium shampoo, snout balm, and a spa headband.
  • Contrary to her breed’s tough reputation, Bridget is described as a sweet, affectionate, and mellow dog who adores her foster siblings.

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The internet has been captivated by a video showing an English mastiff’s surprisingly delightful bathtime routine. The video was shared by the dog’s owner on TikTok, where it has since been viewed more than 61 million times.

The video features Bridget, indulging in a multi-step pampering session. This includes premium quality shampoo, snout balm, an opal face roller, and coconut oil, before she settles down for a nap in a onesie.

The video is filled with charming moments, such as Bridget willingly accepting a pastel-colored spa headband—complete with a bow—and a toothbrush coated in canine-friendly toothpaste. She also patiently sits through a routine claw trim with an at-home manicure set.

Bridget, a 7-year-old English mastiff, was referred to as “scary” in the post by her owner. This is due to the reputation of her breed, which are commonly used as guard dogs.


However, Bridget’s owner paints a different picture, saying, “She’s a very sweet, affectionate snuggle bug that will sit on your lap all day if you let her.”

Adding to her endearing personality, the owner shares, “She’s a very goofy, mellow girl, that’s been the best big sister to all her foster siblings, big and small. She especially loves when we foster kittens and treats them as if they’re her own, which is the cutest thing ever.”

One user wrote, “Y’all dogs sleep after a bath? Mine gets zoomies,” while another added, “That’s one of the best behaved dogs I’ve ever seen.” A third user shared, “Dogs got better life then some humans.”

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