Jeep Community Rallied to Grant 9-Year-Old’s Wish: 1 Million Jeeps For Dad’s Funeral Procession

  • Nine-year-old Hailee Disler and her dad Chad Disler shared a love for Jeeps.
  • When Chad passed away last month due to Covid, Hailee made one request for his funeral — an escort of one million Jeeps.
  • The Jeep Community in Hulbert, Oklahoma rallied to grant the young girl’s wish, lining the road with more than 100 Jeeps to escort her father to his final resting place.

A nine-year-old girl in Hulbert, Oklahoma asked for a million Jeeps to escort her dad to his funeral.

Hailee Disler and her dad Chad Disler, who passed away on August 11 due to COVID-19, shared a love for Jeeps.

The local Jeep community in Hulbert rallied to try to grant Hailee’s wish.

“She told us is she wanted a million Jeeps to escort her daddy, so that’s what we tried to do,” said William Osenbaugh, a member of the group Rejected Jeepers where he met Chad.

William said the group is like a family. The members and their families go on camping trips together, spend birthdays together, drive through mud, and much more. And he’ll always remember Chad for his kind heart.

“If you get in trouble on a trail, Chad’s right there to guide you through it or tow you out of it. Whatever you needed to be done, Chad was there,” said Bill. “It’s sad that he’s gone.”

Chad left behind his wife April and five kids.

Photo Credit: GoFundMe

“She absolutely loves Jeepin,” said Bill of Hailee. “Every time we went, she was there with us and would want to ride in everyone’s Jeeps.”

Rachel Duke said Chad and his family are a big part of their Jeep community. She said Hailee always loved to ride in her jeep and hold the Jeeper mascot, “Woofy.”

“She’d always want to get back in the back seat and five minutes of wheeling we’re going on trails and it’s bumpy and she’s asleep with Woofy the whole time,” said Duke.

The group had flags made for the procession and hung them on the back of their Jeeps. The flags had Chad’s Jeep’s name, Insidious, on one side and a special message between April and Chad on the other.

“They would send each other 143 which means I love you and the other would say 143 2,” said Bill. “We just want April, the kids to know we’ve got your back.”

On August 19, more than a hundred Jeeps lined the road that Thursday afternoon. They served as escorts from the funeral home to Pioneer Cemetery in Wagoner — a procession of about seven miles.

It may not be a million Jeeps, but Hailee’s family is grateful beyond words. A GoFundMe has been set up to help with the family’s sudden loss.

Source: News on 6

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