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Kindhearted woman makes tiny meals for mouse who raided her pantry [Video]



  • When Bella discovered that a mouse has been raiding their kitchen, she decided to “do him one better.”
  • She made him a tiny cheese board, complete with different kinds of cheese, fruits, and treats!
  • She also made him a tiny PB & J and spaghetti, and crafted a tiny room for him to eat in.

A mouse is an unwelcome sight in most households, but a kindhearted woman chose to regularly feed a mouse instead of driving it away.

A TikTok user named Bella found out that a tiny mouse had been raiding the kitchen in her house.

Most people would be horrified at the thought of a mouse scampering about in their pantry, and would immediately think of ways to get rid of it. But Bella decided to bring food to the mouse instead.

She made a tiny cheese board — complete with treats, fruits, and crackers!

Kindhearted woman makes tiny meals for mouse who raided her pantry

The tiny cheeseboard looks tasty and adorable!

Bella shared her preparations and footage of the mouse enjoying the classy meal.

The video caption read, “He kept eating our food so we decided to do him one better.”

After that, Bella considered the mouse to be a friend and named him “Honey.”

“It was his favorite from the cheese board,” she wrote.


Bella saw how much Honey enjoyed the cheeseboard, so she decided to make him another meal.

This time, she whipped up a tiny PB & J sandwich:


i decided to name him honey🍯 it was his favorite from the cheese board <3 #mouse #tinyfood #pbj #tinyfriend #ifyougiveamouseacookie #ratatouille ♬ Les Champs-Elysées – Pomplamoose

Honey loved this meal as well. At this point, we’re pretty sure he’s already feeling at home.

Bella decided to make another meal. This time, instead of making another appetizer or snack, she made an entree.

She cooked up a tiny spaghetti dinner! She even made sure to create a tiny room for Honey to eat in.


Replying to @thekarol420 he’s uneasy about the new location but he still visited 🙂 what else should i put in his house? #mouse #tinyfood #spaghetti #wholesome #ifyougiveamouseacookie #ratatouille ♬ Italian Dinner Party Music – Italian Restaurant Music of Italy

Thanks to Bella’s meals, Honey no longer has to raid the kitchen for food. He already has his meals made for him!


There aren’t many people who would do this for a mouse who has been raiding their kitchen, but just like Bella said, it’s her house. And she would make a giant cheese board for everyone if she could!

Source: The Dodo