Kitten saved from a vending machine gains new nicknames [Video]

  • While on her lunch break, Lindsey Russel went to investigate what sounded to be an animal yelling in one of the vending machines in front of the store she was working at.
  • Russell and others who lent a hand to save the kitty, cannot bring the kitty out.
  • It took firemen who responded to their call to free the kitty from the machine.

Kittens can put themselves in dangerous situations but this one got lucky as she was rescued from a vending machine.  And kittens are not what you expect to come out of a vending machine, right?

Walmart employee Lindsey Russell was on her lunch break when she heard the kitten crying in one of the vending machines in front of the store.

Per Russel, “I tried all through my lunch and my last break to get her. I tried recruiting coworkers to help me get her, and none of us could do it.”

Seeing that their efforts were not working, they decided to call the fire department.

Photo Credit: WVLT-TV (YouTube)

Morriston fireman Doug Allsion said, “We could hear it meowing as soon as we came up. We knew it was in there and kind of stressed out.”

The firemen immediately removed a few panels from the machine and in less than 10 minutes, the kitten was out.  They have brought the poor kitty out of danger!  

Photo Credit: WVLT-TV (YouTube)

Allison said that they will do what they can do to save a life— animal or human.

As for Russell, she said it would be best to take the wiggly and good-spirited kitty home with her as she and her mom have been having rescues in their home. “I actually rescued another one from Food City a couple of years back,” Russell added.

Meanwhile, the kitty has now gained nicknames— Pepper, Pepsi, Pep— after the vending machine where she was rescued.

Can we suggest one more nickname? Vendy! 

Source: WVLT

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I LOVE that name- Vendi.