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Labrador Teaches Baby To High-Five



Quick Smiles:

  • A chocolate Labrador named Chloe steps in to teach 9-month-old Nathan how to high five.
  • The adorable duo, Chloe and Nathan, have become inseparable, spending every minute of the day together.
  • Their sweet interaction has gained over 38,500 views and 3,200 likes on social media since it was posted on February 8.

In a delightful twist of events, Katherine Naudé was trying to teach her 9-month-old son, Nathan, the art of a high five when their Labrador, Chloe, decided to step in. Chloe, a 2-year-old chocolate Labrador, sat in front of Naudé and promptly raised her paw, demonstrating to Nathan just how simple it could be.

Naudé, hailing from Los Angeles, was thoroughly amused by Chloe’s intervention. She told Newsweek, “she was trying to show him what to do.”

Nathan eventually mastered the high five, thanks to Chloe’s charming assistance. This earned Chloe some well-deserved treats. Naudé shared, “We were teaching Nathan how to high five when Chloe came over and started doing it, and she was even high-fiving him too. It was so sweet. Chloe is like our first baby and she’s so sweet with her little brother.”

She further added, “I think she heard me saying high five and thought she knows what that means, so she came over to give me a high five.”

Naudé cherishes the loving bond between Chloe and Nathan. She admits that while Chloe can sometimes be a bit wild, she is always “so gentle and patient with her brother.”

It’s no wonder that Nathan was more than happy to learn from Chloe. The two have become quite the inseparable pair, spending every minute of the day together. Chloe is always eager to share her wisdom and show Nathan how to do new things.

Naudé told Newsweek, “They’re together all day long, every day. She lays next to his crib when we put him down for naps and she’s right there by the highchair for any food that might drop. Now that he’s crawling, Nate follows her around the house and he loves watching us play tug with Chloe, and he laughs when she gets the zoomies.”


Naudé isn’t the only one who enjoys watching the dynamic duo. Their social media account (@lilyandchloelabsisters) has amassed quite a following. The video of Chloe teaching Nathan how to high five has already been viewed more than 38,500 times and gained over 3,200 likes since it was posted on February 8.

The caption on the video humorously reads, “POV you’re trying to teach your baby a trick your dog already knows.”


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Naudé has been overwhelmed by the positive response online, expressing that she “didn’t expect it to blow up” as much as it has. She is thrilled that Chloe and Nathan could bring joy and laughter to so many people’s lives.


Among the comments on the video, one person wrote: “Chloe is trying to help with the baby training, so sweet of her.” Another comment reads: “She’s high-fiving him toward the end hahaha.”