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Labrador’s Unique Bedtime Ritual Charms Millions



Quick Smiles:

  • A video of Oreo, a 2-year-old Labrador with a unique bedtime routine, has gone viral on TikTok.
  • This dog star has a specific blanket arrangement preference, humorously described by her owner as “OCD.”
  • The charming video has gathered over a million views, showcasing Oreo’s delightful antics.

I made my dog’s bed wrong. She likes her blankie to be folded neatly in half, thank you! In winter, we try to fold it so we can wrap her up warm but sometimes she won’t have it. #dogsoftiktok #labrador #ocd #fyp

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Canine peculiarities can often be a source of amusement, as demonstrated by Oreo, a 2-year-old Labrador with a unique bedtime routine. The video of her blanket-related antics went viral on TikTok, shared via her account @oreothedogbiscuit.

Since its posting on June 10, the footage has gathered an impressive 1.1 million views. The video amusingly highlights Oreo’s unique habit. The caption reads, “Making my OCD dog’s bed wrong to see what happens.”

Oreo’s owner, Ashleigh McIntyre, explains the backstory of this habit. The blanket was bought a year ago and she started folding it in half over the bed so Oreo could choose to lay on it or not. However, after a few months, Oreo would wait for the blanket to be neatly folded in half at bedtime.

Although McIntyre uses the term “OCD” to describe Oreo’s habit, she’s obviously joking and doesn’t want to make light of a serious disorder. She affirms that Oreo has specific wants, and is very clear in expressing them.


The video shows Oreo hesitating in front of her bed and glancing around as McIntyre instructs her, “On your bed, please.” The video maintains a playful tone, including a caption that reads, “Looks at Dad for help,” as Oreo stands unsure in front of the improperly arranged blanket.

Veterinarian Lisa Radosta explains that while dogs can exhibit compulsive behaviors, they are not common. These behaviors can often appear longer than expected and seemingly out of context. She suggests that what may look like compulsive behavior could actually be attention-seeking behavior.

She advises pet owners who notice signs of a compulsive disorder in their dogs to consult with a veterinarian. As for Oreo, McIntyre confirms that her Labrador only displays this particular behavior before bedtime.

McIntyre shares an anecdote about a time they cared for a puppy and kept Oreo’s blanket away. She says Oreo was fine with it, but as soon as the puppy left, she nudged her bare bed and looked at McIntyre as if asking for her blanket back.

Oreo’s communication extends beyond the blanket. McIntyre reports that she will nudge the car window if she wants it open or stare intently when it’s exactly dinner time. If a walk goes too long without a treat, Oreo will gently tap her owner’s leg with her nose.

The video ends with McIntyre adjusting the blanket on Oreo’s bed. The caption across the clip reads: “Can’t even look at you.” This humorous display of a dog training her humans has tickled many TikTok users who found the situation both funny and relatable.


Many comments came in from viewers who were amused by Oreo’s antics. “Awwww so spoiled & cozy…don’t get it wrong again!!” wrote one user, while another exclaimed, “She gave you the cold shoulder treatment!”

It’s clear that Oreo has managed to steal many hearts with her unique bedtime routine, showing how our pets often have us wrapped around their little paws.


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