Litter-Picking Dog’s Publicity Helps Reunite 80-Yr-Old Owner with Long-Lost Siblings

Litter-Picking Dog's Publicity Helps Reunite 80-Yr-Old Owner with Long-Lost Siblings

  • A litter-picking dog has not only kept the streets clean and passersby happy, but also helped bring about a long-awaited family reunion.
  • After the publicity Milly and her dad Alfie received, he was reunited with his siblings after over 20 years.
  • The siblings had drifted apart when they moved to separate locations, but have since reunited in their hometown.

Remember litter-picking dog Milly? The five-year-old Spanish Podenco and her 80-year-old dad, Alfie Kitson, were featured in a video just before Christmas for their clean-up drive in Hereford, England.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Now, thanks to the publicity they received, Alfie was reunited with his 84-year-old brother Dave and 71-year-old sister Anne, whom he hasn’t seen for over 20 years.

Alfie shared that they all grew up in Hereford, but had drifted apart when they all moved to separate locations. Two decades ago, Alfie moved to Málaga, Spain, while his brother moved to London before that, and his sister moved elsewhere as well.

He noted that he and his wife Judy were simply living their own lives in Spain and only returned to Hereford 18 months ago when Judy fell ill.

It was during one of their clean-up drives in Hereford that Alfie was spotted by his sister’s husband.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Alfie then learned from his granddaughter that his sister was trying to find him. It turned out that they were only eight miles away from each other!

He was surprised to come home one day to find his sister waiting for him. After that, she got in touch with their brother Dave.

“We all grew up in Hereford, and now we have all been reunited. It has been amazing,” Alfie shared. “And to think it’s all down to teaching Milly how to put litter in the bin is just incredible really.”

It was an emotional reunion. The siblings went for a walk together with Milly and planned for a meet up as the new year started.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Back when they were living in Spain, Alfie and Judy rescued then eight-month-old Milly, who was abandoned in a trash bag tied to a tree branch.

It was in Spain that Alfie spotted a soldier and his dog cleaning up after people’s litter, and decided to teach the same trick to Milly.

Now, Alfie just has to point to a piece of trash and say “put that litter in the bin,” and Milly would know what to do.

Their trick has kept the streets of Hereford clean, brought smiles to passersby who have come to know them, and now, brought about a long-awaited reunion.

Source: Good News Network

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