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Little Boy With Down Syndrome Instantly Fell In Love With Newborn Sister [Video]



  • Brooks was born with Down syndrome and her mom was worried that he might get jealous when his new baby sister was born.
  • But the moment Brooks set his sight on his little sister Collyns, he instantly fell in love.
  • In a video that went viral, Brooks can be seen crying when her mom takes Collyns away from him.

A boy with Down Syndrome has fallen in love with his baby sister so much that whenever his mom tries to get her out of his sight he would adorably cry everytime.

Initially, Ashlyn Williams from Richland Township, Arkansas, was worried that when the new member of the family, baby Collyns, was born, Brooks, her 1-year-old son, would be jealous. 

But when they first took Collyns home from the hospital on March 17, Brooks was instantly in love with her.

A video that got viral online shows how Brooks burst into tears the moment Ashlyn picked Collyns up and took her out of his sight.

Photo Credit: Kennedy News

“You want her back? Okay, okay, okay, okay,” Ashlyn says as Brooks cried.

So then Ashlyn put Collyns back down and Brooks was happy again. He even went closer to her to get a better look.

“We weren’t sure how Brooks would react to having a baby around and whether he’d get jealous of having to share attention,” Ashlyn said. “But it was really sweet, he already loves her so much.”

Photo Credit: Kennedy News

Brooks is really such a sweet boy and a loving brother. 

“When he first met her in the hospital, he reacted exactly the same way so we just had to capture it on video. He is such a loving young boy, and we were just so tickled by his reaction,” she added.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in every 700 babies are born with Down Syndrome throughout the country. That is about 6,000 babies born every year with the condition. This occurs when the baby is born with an extra partial or full copy of chromosome 21, says the website.

Source: PEOPLE