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Lost Cat Returns Home in Miraculous Reunion Caught on Camera [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Chloe, a curious cat known for her outdoor adventures, went missing for a week, causing immense worry for her owners, Emily and her husband.
  • Emily had a dream about Chloe returning home, which miraculously came true seven days later, an event caught on their security camera.
  • While Chloe lost some weight during her ordeal, she is in good health and is now resting indoors, proving to Emily that sometimes dreams do come true.

For Emily and her husband, their beloved cat Chloe’s absence was a heart-wrenching ordeal.

Known for her curious nature, Chloe loved exploring the outdoors but never strayed too far from home.

So, when she missed dinner one evening, her worried parents sprung into action.

The couple tirelessly searched every nook and cranny in their neighborhood until the early hours of the morning, but there was no sign of Chloe.

That night, Emily dreamt about standing on their porch, her husband wearing green shorts, as they called for Chloe, who came running back to them.

Awaking from her dream, Emily crossed her fingers and hoped for this vision to become a reality.


here’s the full footage leading up to Chloe’s return! I saw her on our porch cam at 3am but didn’t realize until I woke up around 9. we immediately ran outside to get her 🥺 #lostcat #foundcat #manifest #manifestation #dreamcometrue #missingcat #missingpet #followup #part2 #fyp ♬ Gentle and warm background piano(1262846) – Noru

However, a week passed and Chloe remained missing.

Though they harbored fears of never seeing their cherished pet again, Emily and her husband steadfastly refused to abandon hope.

On the seventh day, Emily found footage on their security camera showing Chloe trying to get into the house late at night.

Thrilled and relieved, Emily hoped that Chloe would make another attempt to return.

Later that day, while standing on their porch and reviewing the footage, the couple spotted a familiar fluffy figure racing toward them.


It was Chloe.

In a moment of surreal realization, Emily noticed that her husband was wearing the same green shorts from her dream.

Her wishful dream had indeed come true.


my cat of 8 years was missing for 7 days with no sightings. I refused to stop looking for her because I had a dream of my husband calling her home and her running up to us. well dreams do come true because this is exactly how I invisioned it! ❤️ #missingpet #lostcat #foundpet #foundcat #catsoftiktok #cat #comehome #dream #manifestation #manifest #fyp ♬ Golden Hour: Piano Version – Andy Morris

“Dreams do come true, because this is exactly how I envisioned it,” Emily shared on TikTok.


Assuming that Chloe must have been spooked into hiding, the couple took her to the vet. Aside from losing three pounds, Chloe was in good health after her ordeal.


We are so grateful for the love & positivity! Chloe is happy to be home (despite the RBF cause she’s grounded 😅🤣) #foundpet #catsoftiktok #cat #lostpet #returnedhome #catlady #hearttouching #followup #update #fyp #animalsoftiktok ♬ Livin’ My Best Life – Dylan Scott

She’s now enjoying some well-deserved rest and recovery indoors, much to the relief of her overjoyed parents.

For Emily, this reunion is proof that dreams really do come true.