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Magical Moment: Orphaned Baby Raccoon Rushes to Rescuer [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Wildlife rescuer Stephanie Brady experienced a heartwarming encounter with a baby raccoon who ran straight into her hands, a moment she likened to a “Disney moment”.
  • The baby raccoon’s unusual friendliness suggests she might have been raised among humans, but now she’s being equipped with the tools needed to thrive in the wild.
  • Under Stephanie’s care at Wild West Wildlife, the raccoon is growing stronger and is expected to be reintroduced into the wild once her natural instincts kick in.

In the world of wildlife rescue, some moments are simply magical.

Stephanie Brady, the executive director of Wild West Wildlife, experienced one such moment recently when she was greeted in the most unexpected way by a tiny raccoon in need of help.

With over 30 years of experience in rehabilitating animals, Stephanie is no stranger to wildlife rescues.

But even she was caught off guard by the behavior of a small raccoon she found scratching at a neighbor’s door.

“I saw her scratching at their door,” Brady told The Dodo, adding, “It was heartbreaking to see she was seeking out help.”


Expecting the baby raccoon to behave like any other wild animal—curious but likely fearful or hostile—Stephanie was taken aback when, upon her arrival, the little raccoon ran straight towards her, apparently overjoyed to see her.

“She crawled right up into my hands,” Brady shared. “It felt like a Disney moment. [I’ve] never had that happen in 30 years of working with wildlife.”

While this unusual friendliness towards humans might suggest that the raccoon was raised among people—a not-so-ideal situation for a wild creature—there is a silver lining.

Now in Stephanie’s compassionate care, the baby raccoon is being provided with all she needs to prepare her for an independent life in the wild.

At the safe haven of Wild West Wildlife, the baby raccoon is getting stronger day by day.

Once she is big enough, she will be introduced to an enclosure with other rescued raccoons.


And when her natural instincts take over, she will be released back into the wild, where she truly belongs.

“She is doing great,” Brady affirmed. “I have no doubt she will be releasable.”