Man finds dentures while snorkeling and takes them on an adventure to find owner [Video]

  • A man was on a snorkeling trip in Gulf Shores, Alabama when he found a set of dentures.Β 
  • The dentures had a name etched on them.
  • The man took the dentures on an adventure and found the owner through Facebook.Β 

A Wisconsin man has gotten his dentures back after losing them in the Gulf of Mexico last Monday.

Later that week, a Mississippi guy on vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama, came upon them while snorkeling along the beach.

This year’s annual Gulf Shores trip will undoubtedly be the most memorable for Aaron Welborn and his wife, Blaire. It will be permanently linked to the story of another family they’ve never met.

Welborn said he was finishing up a snorkeling trip just off the beach from his beach rental. He’d removed his fins and snorkel and was walking to land.


“I’m just like well, I’m going to put my goggles on and look down in the water as I walk up and maybe, just by chance I’ll find something and I stuck my head in the water and as soon as I stuck my head in the water, they were literally sitting there on the bottom, just smiling at me,” Welborn said. He added that the dentures scared him. 


A closer look revealed that the dentures had a name etched on them. The hunt for the right Randy Williams had begun.

Welborn took to Facebook and shared images of the teeth, which rapidly gained attention. Someone tracked down Williams.


“Randy Williams has been found all the way in Wisconsin!! Through the power of social media, my new buddy is being reunited with his pearly whites!! We have shipped them out and he’ll be eating steak again by Wednesday,” Welborn wrote on Facebook.


According to Williams, a huge wave knocked his dentures right out of his mouth. He looked for them but gave up and opted to enjoy his holiday before heading home last Friday.

Welborn brought the dentures everywhere while on vacation, capturing humorous images on the beach, in restaurants, and on the road.


Randy Williams claims that the unexpected discovery saved him $2,000 in denture repair costs.

He enjoyed his vacation, despite having to cut his shrimp into small pieces and not eating steak.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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