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Man Loses Weight To Ride Roller Coaster



  • Jared Ream’s passion was roller coasters and he had ridden 295 in the past.
  • But when he got a desk job, his weight ballooned and his enthusiasm died away.
  • Then the Orion Roller Coaster came and he was so determined to ride it, he worked hard and lost 190 pounds from 430.

Jared Ream’s passion was riding roller coasters but it has been many years since he rode one because his weight was on the way.

Recently, he wrote an essay about his journey to getting back into his passion. The 35-year-old from Dayton, Ohio, sent the story to that uncovers how he was able to lose so much weight, just so he could ride the new roller coaster in Kings Island — an amusement park located in Mason, Ohio.

Photo Credit: Jared Ream

In that essay he admitted he was always a big guy. He stands 6’9” high and weighed more than 400 pounds — which prohibited him from riding roller coasters.

“As any big and/or tall roller coaster enthusiast will tell you, nothing is worse than the roller coaster ‘Walk of Shame,’” Ream narrated in his write-up. “That’s the moment when you are asked to get off a roller coaster because the restraint cannot properly close around you because of your size. It’s painful, and I know all too well how it feels.”

Photo Credit: Jared Ream

Jared has always loved roller coasters and he is a proud member of  American Coaster Enthusiasts. He describes himself as  “an encyclopedia of theme parks and coaster knowledge” and yet, he gave up on that after getting a desk job and he gained more and more weight.

“When my weight was over 300, I knew there was no way that I could fit into coasters anymore,” he wrote. “My self-esteem dropped. My blood pressure and cholesterol ballooned.”

Photo Credit: Jared Ream

He had already ridden 295 roller coasters and he never thought he could ever ride some again to reach his goal of 300. 

But everything changed in August 2019 when he heard that Kings Island would be having  a 300-foot-tall Giga-coaster named Orion manufactured by his favorite, B&M. 

Photo Credit: Jared Ream

“I had always made a promise to myself that if Kings Island ever built a B&M Giga, that I would have to ride it, no matter what it took for me to do so…” he said. “I decided on the day of the announcement that I would lose all the weight and ride it on opening day.”

Since then he has lost 190 pounds from the original weight  430 pounds after 321 days. He did intermittent fasting, gets 10 hours of sleep every day, and did some exercises in his garage. 

Then he went to attend the media event Orion on July 1 weighing 240 pounds only! He went in line, strapped himself in the test seat, and rode the 300th roller coaster in his life.

“You couldn’t see it because of my mask, but I had the biggest smile on my face,” Ream wrote.

Source: PEOPLE.Com