Man Saw A Small Brown Puppy Peeking From A Drain And Couldn’t Leave Him

  • Aubrey V Lynn’s partner was on his way to the gym when he noticed a puppy peeking from the entrance of a drain pipe in one of Bali’s busy streets.
  • It took them 24 hours to coax the puppy out of the hole using dog food.
  • When they were about to leave, the dog ran out to them and they brought the dog home.

There are many stray dogs on the streets of Bali.  One puppy decided to seek shelter in a drainage pipe by the side of a busy road. Cars and motorcycles zipped through and none of them could see the pup’s eyes peeking from the small hole.

Aubrey V Lynn’s partner was heading to the gym when he saw the puppy.  She said, “He kept driving past and knew he couldn’t just leave her, so [he] turned around and sent me a message.”

Photo Credit: @aubreyvlynn (Instagram)

Heartbroken the dog was alone and fearing that it could meet an accident from the traffic, they decided to rescue the poor pup.

Lynn recalled, “We both felt really anxious because sometimes she would come out of the hole.  But she wouldn’t let us get close enough to catch her.”

Photo Credit: @aubreyvlynn (Instagram)

So, they brought dog food and hoped they could lure the pup out of the drain hole.  For 24 hours, they sat and waited for the pup to emerge but it simply would not move.  But the moment they were about to leave on their scooter, the pup ran right up to them.

And the pup, who they named Charlie, relaxed into their arms and did not try to get away.

Photo Credit: @aubreyvlynn (Instagram)

They then took Charlie home. And she quickly became family as she adjusted well to her new home.

Lynn said, “We let her sleep and eat in safety for a while and then the first time we went to sit with her, she was timid but warmed up so quickly. You could tell she just wanted to be loved — it was really sweet.”

The pup has fit perfectly into their life and their family of two has now become a family of three.

Source: The Dodo

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