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Maui Residents Band Together For Their Furry Friends Impacted By Wildfires



Quick Smiles:

  • Maui’s wildfires have resulted in numerous animals being separated from their families, particularly in the Lahaina area.
  • Maui Humane Society, among other groups, is spearheading rescue efforts, housing displaced animals, and creating community platforms for lost and found pets.
  • Worldwide support is pouring in, but more help is needed, whether through donations or simply sharing the message to aid in reuniting animals with their families.

In the face of adversity and natural disasters, communities often rise, and the heartwarming story unfolding on Maui exemplifies this spirit.

As wildfires wreak havoc, causing destruction and displacing countless animals, the residents of this island paradise are rallying together, ensuring their furry companions are not forgotten.

The fires, with the Lahaina area being particularly affected, resulted in a staggering number of animals becoming homeless or separated from their families.

In the midst of such a challenging scenario, the pet-loving community of Maui shines with resilience and determination.

Leading the charge is the Maui Humane Society. Despite being already at capacity, they’ve welcomed as many displaced animals as possible, and are championing coordination for rescue missions, providing guidance and support.

The society, recognizing the importance of effective communication during these testing times, initiated a Facebook group, the “Maui Fires Pets Help Group”.

This group, among others with a similar intent like “Missing Pets of Maui” and “Lost & Found Animals of Maui Fires”, acts as a beacon for those searching for their lost pets or for those who have found animals in need.


Kelsie-Kei Noelani, a member of the Maui Fires Pets Help Group, noted, “The outpouring of support from this global community has really shown how much good there is in the world.”

Indeed, the groups have not only caught the attention of locals but people worldwide, all eager to help.

Stories of hope are emerging every day. From the discovery of two kittens amidst the remnants of a brick wall to the rescue of a senior dog found close to the blazing fury but tied securely to a mango tree.


It’s not just cats and dogs either; rescuers are finding birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other critters, providing them with shelter and care.

For those far from the island but eager to make a difference, consider donating to the Maui Humane Society or the Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation.

They need financial assistance to maintain their commendable efforts.

Alternatively, share their stories, spread the word, and assist in amplifying their voice.

If you had plans to visit, rescheduling them would be a gracious gesture.

The message is clear: Maui is strong, and its people and pets will come out of this even stronger, with a little help from friends near and far.