Meet Buddy, The Senior Dog Who Actually Loves Going to the Vet

  • Buddy’s owner wants to know why the 11-year-old Labrador mix loves going to the vet.
  • At the clinic she finds out that Buddy gets all the attention that he wants and treats, too!
  • More than the excuse to go out, his owner loves him for the unconditional love that he gives.

The Trump family had a Lab mix named Buddy when they were growing up.  Stephanie Trump recalls that her brother who has autism would say that he wanted another lab like their beloved Buddy.   

So, when they heard of a certified therapy dog named Jax, they immediately went to the rescue center.  But when they got there, his brother met a yellow Labrador mix right on the first kennel and it changed the course of history.  To add to that, the lab’s name was Butter but the staff nicknamed him Butty.  To her brother, it was a sign.

And so, Buddy came home to them and has been part of the family ever since.  And Buddy enjoys going out on trips.  But his favorite place to visit is the vet’s clinic.

Quite unusual for a dog, right?

Photo Credit: Stephanie Trump

In the video, the 11-year-old goes crazy when asked if he wants to go to the vet. And he can be quite vocal about his excitement.  But when he realizes that he’s going there for an exam, the pup starts whining.  Stephanie said, “I’m not really sure why Buddy likes going there.”

But then she realizes that maybe Buddy likes the attention that he gets whenever he goes to the vet.  She said, “It’s a fairly small clinic, so they pretty much know him.”

Photo Credit: Stephanie Trump

True enough, the staff gives him plenty of attention and treats.

Stephanie said, “He’s a big ol’ couch potato that is very food motivated and loves being petted.”

That’s it!  Shower attention and give lots of treats and you’ll have Buddy at the vet in no time with no complaints.

But beyond the easy way to get him to the vet, Trump said, Buddy gives her an excuse to go out and want more. “But moreso, he gives me unconditional love.”

Source: The Dodo

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