Meet Ginger the rescue pittie who loves baby kittens [Video]

  • Foster mom Susan Hicks has a secret weapon in taking care of kittens— her dog Ginger.
  • Ginger may be a dog but she gives her love and comfort to kittens who grow up to be comfortable with dogs.
  • Even if Ginger gets sad when her kittens get adopted, she looks forward to taking care of the next ones.

Ginger is a dog that knows no species when taking care of the young— she is a mom first and foremost.

Susan Hicks has been fostering kittens with the help of Ginger since she rescued Ginger four years ago.

Ginger has shown gentle motherly love to fragile and vulnerable kittens and even allows them to play and “attempt” to nurse from her.

Whenever a batch of kittens would arrive, she would excitedly sniff around the box and know that she had a new batch to take care of. She is a natural mom. Hicks said, “Ginger is like a living, breathing, snoring body pillow for these kittens.” There would be no need for a stuffed toy to act as a sanctuary for the foster kitties.

Photo Credit: Susan Hicks

The attention and love that Ginger shows her kittens establishes an environment for kittens to be comfortable dogs.  This serves as a plus when potential adopters already have dogs in their household and would like to have a kitty.

Photo Credit: Susan Hicks

Hicks said, “People will reach out to me saying, ‘I want one of your kittens because I know that they’re good with dogs.’”

Photo Credit: Susan Hicks

Although each adoption leaves Ginger sad, it also means there would be another batch for her to give love and comfort to.

Thanks for being such a good mom, Ginger!

Source: The Dodo

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kurt gandenberger

i used to sit and walk a pit bull named beulah. what a happy gentle soul. if i played love songs by the gershwins or cole porter she would sit by the piano and lick my legs. i sure do miss her.