Meet Pinto Bean. The Dog Who Loves ‘Sword Fights’ With Her Owners [Video]

  • A dog has been observing her mom and dad do stage combats for their TikTok videos.
  • Pinto Bean, the dog, decided to join the game when she saw a stick and pretended that it was her sword.
  • She ‘defeated’ her mom in a swordfight and now has her mom’s sword to use in the pretend fights.

This is a classic case of children who will follow their parents’ examples so be careful what you do.

Since 2020, Pinto Bean’s parents include pretend-fights in their TikTok videos.  The dog grew up with the staged combats and so she wanted to be a part of the action.

Pinto Bean’s mom, Anna Kimbro said they were filming out in the field when the pup saw a very large stick. “She picked up the stick and started chasing me down while waving the stick around like it was her own sword.

She added, “I pretended to ‘block’ her blows with my sword, and she was having a blast trying to dodge and attack. Finally, I let her ‘slay’ me and dramatically fell to the ground after she tapped me with her stick.”

Kimbro then let go of her sword and pretended to drop to the ground. Seeing her mom down, Pinto got her mom’s sword and stole what she could from her mom! Kimbro said, “She’d learned how to do all of that just by watching us, so we started giving her the sword she’d stolen from me to use as her own, and the rest is history.”’

As a reward for her victory, Pinto Bean now owns her mom’s sword plus a fake little “dagger”.  And whenever she sees either one of the two, it’s sword fight time!

Kimbro said, “We play with her sword usually about once or twice a week. “We don’t always film it for TikTok or Instagram, but she loves getting exercise that way, so we try to do it pretty often. Even if we don’t get her sword out, she’ll grab a stick and try to ‘fight’ with it almost every day.”

Photo Credit: Anna Kimbro

Kimbro added, “She’s even tried to ‘fight’ my parents’ dog, Luna, (her best friend) with a stick a couple of times, and she seemed pretty surprised that Luna was running from her like, ‘Ahhh, what are you doing?’ and didn’t grab a stick to fight back.”

Oh, what a swordswoman Pinto Beans has turned out to be.   

Source: The Dodo

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Probably going to grow up dreaming of being a Viking-dog, carrying (literally) whatever Greatsword is laying around.