‘Missing’ dog turns up at the local bar [Video]

  • A couple thought their beloved pit bull was missing and started to look for him.
  • But when they passed by the local pub, they spotted their dog chilling inside.
  • It turns out that he wasn’t really missing — he just wanted to go out for a drink!

Realizing your dog is nowhere to be found is one of the worst feelings to have as a pet parent. So when Alisha Mather and her partner thought their beloved pit bull was missing, they immediately started looking for him — only to find out he was right where he wanted.

Alisha shared footage of the moment they spotted their dog in the very place he wanted to be: the local pub.

Oops… busted!

It would seem like this pup wasn’t missing at all — he knew exactly where he wanted to go! “Just like his daddy πŸ™„πŸ€£,” the video caption read.

Viewers can’t get enough of the pit bull’s expressions. He acted so chill in there that he looked like a regular or a part of the bar staff. One viewer pointed out that the pup looked like a bouncer, while another imagined the pup as a bartender shaking and stirring drinks and serving customers.

A third thought the pup just wanted to enjoy a night out drinking with his mates.

'Missing' dog turns up at the local bar
Photo Credit: TikTok/alishamather4

And when he noticed his parents had spotted him, he looked so guilty! Especially after his parents asked him what he was doing in there, and that they have been looking for him.

'Missing' dog turns up at the local bar
Photo Credit: TikTok/alishamather4

You can’t even be mad at him! He probably had a long, stressful day of playing, eating, napping, and lounging about, that he needed a good drink. Just like one viewer commented, β€œNaww, give the poor thing a drink he’s had a bad day πŸ˜‚.”

Source: Pet Helpful

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