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Mom Gives Her Beloved Cats The Most Adorable Living Room



  • Tatiana Givenchy has been thinking of making a small couch for her cats.
  • The pandemic has given her enough time to crochet one couch and make an entire living room for them.
  • The cats show their appreciation by keeping their space tidy and clean, and staying there more than any area in their house.

A cat mom realizes her plans of making her fur babies Leeta and Lyla a couch and then a living space of their own during the pandemic.

Tatiana Givenchy has had a cat couch project on her list of things-to-do for a time.  With COVID-19 lockdowns, she had time to go back to her old hobby of crocheting and finally, the tiny couch.

Photo Credit: Tatiana Givenchy

But it seems that the single piece of little furniture was not enough as it looked lonely.  And so, Givenchy set out to make more.

And the tiny living room began to take shape from other furnishings that Givenchy had managed to collect through the years.

Photo Credit: Tatiana Givenchy

She said, “The rest of the living room just followed suit.” The feline residents now have their own lounge area within the humans’ living room!  And when the family hang out, they are never too far from their mom and the rest of the family.

Leela and Lyla instantly appreciated their mom’s gift by making it their go-to lounge spot.  From its installation, Givenchy said that the two spend more of their time there than in any part of their house.

Photo Credit: Tatiana Givenchy

And the feline duo’s appreciation makes their mom want to do more especially that the single couch cannot accommodate the two.  She’s in the process of adding another one!

So far, the cats have been taking care of their space by not knocking around the objects, and making it tidy and neat. They even have a small mirror that the pair can see themselves from.

Photo Credit: Tatiana Givenchy

Even if it takes effort and time to make the second couch, Leela and Lyla show their mom that they enjoy her creativity and hard work.

You are just cool, guys.

Source: The Dodo