Mom is so Confused Why People Keep Staring and Laughing at Her Dog During Walk [Video]

  • People were staring and pointing at Peggy Kern and her dog Minnie when they went out on a walk.
  • Peggy was wondering why and when she saw her dog Minnie with a pacifier in her mouth, that is when she laughed out loud.
  • What a hilarious break on an otherwise routinary walk.

Peggy Kern walks her dog Minnie on a regular basis.  They have gotten used to attention when they are out on these walks.  People stop and stare and some would come up to them and admire Minnie because she is a cute dog.

But this time, there was something unusual about the way they were looking and pointing at them.  Peggy was wondering if there was something on her face or if there was something wrong.

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Peggy said, “I had my headphones in and was listening to an audiobook, so I wasn’t sure what was going on and why people were staring at us more than usual.” And so, she checked on herself and Minnie and when Minnie looked up at her, that is when she ended up laughing hilariously!

Stuck in Minnie’s mouth was a pacifier!

Photo Credit: Peggy Kern

Mystery solved. No wonder they were getting unusual attention from passersby— Minnie really looked funny!  She must have found the pacifier somewhere and decided to keep it.  She certainly did not make Minnie suck on it. 

And so, they continued on their walk and Peggy let Minnie have the pacifier.  But as dogs are with toys, Minnie’s excitement made her chew and break it. 

Photo Credit: Peggy Kern

Afraid that Minnie might swallow a broken part and choke on it, she decided to take the pacifier and dispose of it.

Now Peggy just looks at that day with a smile on her face as Minnie sure did break the pattern of their walks.

Source: The Dodo

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Too bad the story was surrounded by manipulative and incendiary “news”.

Funny. At least for awhile it beats a stick, sure. Seems folks got a good laugh over this.