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Moose and Sailor: Canine Couple’s Joyful Reunion



Quick Smiles:

  • Golden retriever Moose reunites with dog girlfriend Sailor after two months apart
  • Canine couple enjoys playing, wrestling, and spending time together
  • Owners capture their joyful reunion on video and share it on social media

Moose, a golden retriever, was over the moon when he was finally reunited with his dog girlfriend, Sailor, after two months apart. Moose has been a big part of Loren Montefusco’s life since she moved out on her own in South Carolina. According to Montefusco, “He loves anything and everything. Sticks, playing, swimming, food, all of the above.”

Moose’s love extends to Sailor, a dog who lives with her owner in the same complex as Montefusco. The two dogs first became close when Montefusco agreed to look after Sailor while her mom, a travel nurse, went to work. “I was able to watch her dog while also bringing Moose to play too,” she said. The pair soon hit it off, and their dog romance blossomed. They enjoyed doing “everything” together, from playing fetch to wrestling and chewing sticks.


the couple is reunited 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 took him a sec to realize who it was hahahhahaha but best day ever for him

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However, a couple of months ago, it seemed like the two dogs might not see each other again. Sailor’s mom had been working on a temporary contract, and when it ended, she had to go off in search of work. For nearly two months, Moose was separated from Sailor. But fortunately, Sailor’s mom landed another contract and returned to the complex.

Montefusco managed to keep their return a secret from Moose, setting up their emotional park reunion. She captured the heartwarming moment on camera and shared the video on TikTok under the handle loren_monte. In the video, Moose can be seen charging towards the gated exit to the park, which separates him from Sailor. Once inside, the pair are inseparable, rushing around, play fighting, and staying as close as possible.

The joy felt by the two dogs and their owners was shared by many on social media. One viewer commented, “I want what they have,” while another referred to it as a “true Nala and Simba moment” from Disney’s The Lion King. Montefusco said Moose was thrilled to see Sailor again, adding, “He was very happy to see her. He loves her.”


Sailor’s mom will be working in the area for the next three months, and while the future for these two adorable pups is uncertain, they will be making the most of their time together. “They will be seeing each other at least three times a week,” Montefusco said. “I watch her when her mom goes to work, but we usually get them together a few other days when she’s not working.”