Nature Lover Takes Photo of Cute ‘Bird’ Before Realizing What it Actually is

Nature Lover Takes Photo of Cute 'Bird' Before Realizing What it Actually is

  • Kym Beechey likes taking her time hiking so she can calmly enjoy nature and take pictures of the beautiful scenery.
  • Since she goes on a slow pace, she usually can’t photograph fast-moving creatures, so she was excited to spot a stationary bird.
  • But when she zoomed in to take a picture, she realized that it wasn’t actually a bird but a distinct-looking Banksia pod.

Nature lover Kym Beechey was taking her time hiking through Popran National Park in Australia one day. She wanted to slowly explore and take photos of wildflowers. She said that a slow hike means that most wildlife would be “too quick” for her to capture on camera.

So when she spotted what looked like a stationary bird, she was “super excited.” She thought it was “a baby tawny frogmouth (an owl-like bird) sitting low on a limb.”

She then prepared to take a photo of the happy-looking bird. When she zoomed in for a better look, she realized that it wasn’t a bird at all.

Photo Credit: Kym Beechey

Kym recalled, “It wasn’t until I focused the photo and wondered why it wasn’t flying away that I realized it was, in fact, just a banksia pod. Just a cute, adorable banksia pod.”

Banksia pods are usually found in southwestern Australia. They grow on trees from the Banksia genus.

Photo Credit: Jo Elphick (CC0 Public Domain)

These usually have a striking look, and each one can have a distinct appearance.

Photo Credit: Ed Dunens (CC BY 2.0)

They can definitely be mistaken for a face and, in Kym’s case, eyes and a beak.

Kym may have mistaken the pod for a bird, but she’s still happy that she spotted it — and she had a good laugh out of the whole experience!

The “bird” still has a place in her hiking album, along with all the beautiful wildflower pictures.


Source: The Dodo

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