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NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal Foots Bill for Stranger’s Engagement Ring [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal made headlines for his spontaneous act of kindness when he paid for a man’s engagement ring at a Zales jewelry store. The heartwarming moment was captured on video and quickly went viral on social media.
  • O’Neal shared the backstory on NBA on TNT, explaining how he was moved by the man’s shyness and determination to pay off the ring. He emphasized that he didn’t aim to go viral with his gesture but was simply doing a good deed to make someone smile.
  • This is not the first time O’Neal has extended his generosity to strangers. Past acts include buying furniture for a woman and her daughter and assisting people involved in a car accident. These actions further exemplify O’Neal’s role as a modern-day Good Samaritan, showing kindness off the basketball court.

In a world filled with headlines of gloom and doom, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is here to shoot some happiness into our lives.

In an act of spontaneous kindness that’s now viral, Shaq generously paid for a man’s engagement ring at a Zales jewelry store.

Just in case you needed another reason to adore the basketball legend, here’s the scoop: Shaq had stopped by Zales to pick up some earrings when he spotted a man calculating his remaining payments for an engagement ring.

In true Shaq fashion, the former Lakers player stepped in, eager to assist.

The heartwarming moment, captured on video, has since made waves on social media, stirring up a feel-good frenzy among fans and followers.


In a follow-up appearance on NBA on TNT, O’Neal shared the story behind his impromptu act of kindness.

“He was just so shy and he was saying, ‘Hey, how much do I owe to pay off my ring?’ I was like, ‘My man, how much is the ring?’” O’Neal recalled.

“He’s like, ‘Hey man, I can come back in the next month and the next month,’ like layaway… But I was like, ‘Tell your girlfriend I got it. I’ll take care of it.’”

The man initially resisted the gesture, to which Shaq responded, “Don’t worry about it, I do it all the time. I’m just trying to make people smile, that’s all.”

His humility shines through his words, as he emphasized that his intention was not to go viral, but simply to do a good deed whenever he steps out of his house.

And this isn’t the first time O’Neal has extended his generosity to strangers.


He shared a quick story about a time he bought furniture for a woman and her daughter. And last summer, he pulled over to assist people involved in a car accident in Florida.

As the Gainesville Sun reported, “O’Neal happened to come upon the accident… so he stopped to see if any aid was needed. Once law enforcement arrived he got in his vehicle and left. He didn’t stand around for any accolades. He was just a good citizen.”

From basketball icon to a modern-day Good Samaritan, Shaquille O’Neal’s kindness off the court is as legendary as his prowess on it. His actions remind us of the power of a single act of kindness and the ripple effect it can have on the world around us.