Neighbors Dance to 93-Yr-Old’s Favorite Song for Birthday Surprise [Video]

Neighbors Dance to 93-Yr-Old's Favorite Song for Birthday Surprise

  • Phyllis Brinkerhoff is known as the beloved “Mrs. B” in her neighborhood.
  • She loves music, but she’s particularly obsessed with the nursery song “Hokey Pokey.”
  • So when her 93rd birthday came up, her neighbors surprised her with a flash mob in her front yard — where they sang and danced to her favorite song!

Phyllis Brinkerhoff is beloved by her neighbors in Prairie Village, Kansas. Known as “Mrs. B”, she’s recognized as a music lover. But her all-time favorite song is the nursery song, “Hokey Pokey.”

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Mrs. B admitted that she can’t get enough of the “fun, joyous song.” She may not be able to dance the steps as vigorously as she would want, but she can still happily sing along to it.

She even gifted her neighbor, Melanie Mendrys, a CD of the song!

Mrs. B doesn’t know that not everyone feels the same way about her beloved song, so Melanie had no idea how to respond.

It was only during a later conversation that Melanie had a wonderful idea.

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When Mrs. B said that her 93rd birthday is coming up, Melanie thought about the perfect gift.

She enlisted the help of her daughter, as well as several neighbors, to put together a surprise flash mob. The mother and daughter delivered invitations door-to-door to put together the dancing group.

And when Mrs. B’s special day came up, they all showed up on her front yard — singing and dancing to Mrs. B’s favorite song!

Neighbors Dance to 93-Yr-Old's Favorite Song for Birthday Surprise
Photo Credit: Facebook

Mrs. B’s reaction was so priceless! “The smile on her face was so big,” said Melanie.



That was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture!

Just like Melanie said, “It doesn’t take that much to make someone’s day. And I think we can all do a little more of it.”

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