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Not Letting COVID Vaccines Expire, Health Workers Offered Them To Drivers Stuck in Snow



  • The vaccination crew gets stuck in a blizzard with six remaining doses nearing past their six-hour shelf life.
  • The healthcare workers decided to offer the Covid vaccines to motorists who were also stuck in traffic.
  • Both the crew and the drivers who got the injections end up mutually happy. 

After an inoculation crew of the Josephine County Public Health finished doling out the COVID-19 vaccines in different locations, they got stuck in traffic on their way to their home base in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Coronavirus vaccines like the Moderna and Pfizer need to be stored in subzero conditions before use. Once it reaches room temperature, it only has a six-hour shelf life.

According to Josephine County Public Health Director Michael Weber, “We knew the vaccine would not make it back to Grants Pass. In all likelihood, it was going to expire.”

With the traffic at standstill because of an accident in a snowstorm, they hopped out of their vehicles and started looking for volunteers out of the stranded motorists for the remaining six doses. Weber said, “I decided to start going door-to-door, car-to-car, offering the vaccine.”

Photo Credit: Josephine County Public Health (Good News Network)

All the potential life-savers were distributed after 45 minutes.

People are lining up to get the coronavirus vaccines and this is one chance for six lucky people to get them. The impromptu inoculation is one example of how healthcare workers have been working to ensure that people get the needed vaccines.

It is clear that the motorists appreciate the team’s gesture to the point that one jumped out of his car and stripped off his shirt in the freezing temperature just to be injected.

But the “luckiest” and the most thrilled to get the last dose was a woman who missed her scheduled appointment for the vaccination that day.  It was certainly a “somebody up there likes me” moment.

As for the crew and Weber, the outcome of the unplanned inoculation was fulfilling. As Weber said, “I can’t imagine a better way to spend four hours stuck in a snowstorm.”


Source: Good News Network