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Off-road bikers encounter huge bear in Bulgarian forest [Video]



Here’s the scoop!

  • Two off-road motorcyclists in Bulgaria came across a large brown bear in a forest.
  • One of the motorcyclists crashed his bike, and the bear felt threatened and attacked him.
  • The other motorcyclist revved his engine, scaring off the bear and potentially saving his friend’s life.

Wow, what an adrenaline-packed adventure!

Two brave off-road motorcyclists were tearing through a Bulgarian forest when they stumbled upon a massive brown bear.

It was a terrifying moment, but luckily they caught it all on camera! One of the bikers crashed his bike, which must have spooked the bear, causing it to attack him.

But then, quick-thinking kicked in as the other biker revved his engine to scare off the furry attacker.

It was a close call, but this heroic move probably saved his buddy’s life. Phew!